Tips for the Organization of an Online Board Meeting

The preparation of a virtual board meeting can be essential to the success and efficiency of meetings, board participation and the quality of minutes. These suggestions will help you organize your next virtual board meeting and set the stage for an efficient and productive session:

Create an agenda reflecting the goals of your meeting such as to inform about, gather information, or reach a decision. This will help facilitate the discussion and aid your chairperson in controlling the pace of the discussion. Also, be sure to provide a maximum speaking time for each topic and speaker to keep the meeting moving and stop the discussion from getting sidetracked.

Schedule the meeting for a time that is convenient for all attendees. This will allow participants to take part in the discussion, and ensure that a quorum is present, which is necessary to vote and ensure democracy. Additionally, it is important to take into consideration the time zones of all attendees and provide them with the proper tools to ensure a smooth discussion.

Hire a staff member to serve as a timekeeper to oversee the duration of each discussion and ensure the allotted meeting times are kept. This will improve productivity and improve the accountability of board members. It’s also recommended to ask directors and members to wear professional attire during the meeting to avoid distracting clothing or lighting which could cause problems when recorded.

Encourage or require all attendees to make use of video during the meeting to boost engagement. This will also enable them to observe the body language of their fellow attendees. This can also aid in building trust and promoting an environment of collaboration.

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